Week 12: 11/04-11/08

posted Nov 4, 2013, 5:56 PM by Dallas Price   [ updated Nov 5, 2013, 7:35 PM ]
Mon. 11/04
Spelling List 6 "Words Beginning in UN"  - Pretest (done in class) & Practice Worksheet Due Wed. AM, Test Friday
STAR Presentation Today 
SEL Lesson: 30 Days of Thankful - Students are adding feathers to a thankfulness turkey. Also, ask kids about finding the solution to today's "Traffic Jam." 

Tues. 11/05: New Language Arts Assignments - All practice work below due Thursday.
NaNoWriMo - Complete Creating Awesome Characters p.11-21 (Begin in class, some homework may be needed). 
Grammar - Understanding Parts of Speech p. 1-5, Exceptional English: Unusual Plurals p5-9

Wed. 11/06
Continue working on Language Arts assignments in class. 
Binder Check!

Thurs. 11/07 
NaNoWriMo - Main Character Worksheet Presentations - in Class
Correct & Review Grammar & Spelling.
Fri. 11/08 - No Math Class - Colonial Crafts Day 9:30-12:15 - A few volunteers still needed.
Spelling Test 
Grammar Test - Nouns, Plural Nouns (Verbs won't be on this test.)