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Website Selection


Create a Google Site using your current email address.

Getting Started with Free Google Apps
Use Google Apps to set up a site shared by up to ten users. Use a current domain name or register a domain name for $10.00 per year.


K-12 Educator accounts are free. Student users do not need email address, but Wikispaces will automatically generate an email address for them.

The Educator Account free version allows custom user names and passwords - no email required for users.  View the classroom teacher example or the school administrator example.


All Edublogs are ad free. Student users do not need an email account. Many tools are included with the free teacher option.

The simplest of all blog sites, KidBlog is ideal for elementary and middle school students. Student users do not need email accounts.

Free blog website associated with your Google account. Adding authors allows for collaboration. Email account is needed.