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Current Events Assignment

Student News Updates:
Twice a week, students present short current events news updates to the class. 

Present your news item on time in the format listed below for a maximum of 10 points. 

1. Select a news article of interest to you. The article may be from a print or online source.
2. Complete a Website Credibility Checklist for online resources. Copies are available in class or you may print the form attached below.
3. Make sure your article is printed. See Mrs. Price if you need help with printing an online source.
4. Read your article and highlight the main idea and interesting supporting details.
5. Neatly attach your article to construction paper from class. Maximum size is 11 x 17. 
6. Write the title on your paper so it's attractive and easy to read from a classroom distance.
7. Write the source and the date of your article. If the source and date is already included in your article text, you won't have to do this. Make sure the author's name is also printed somewhere.
8. Present your article on your scheduled date. You will have no more than 20 minutes to present. Format: Introduce article, read important main idea and supporting details of interest, lead follow up discussion with the class.
9. Optional: You may show a short (3-4 minutes max) web-based video clip about your topic as part of your presentation. Credibility checklist required.
 10. Tape your news article to our classroom wall. Check with Mrs. Price for the location.

Student News Resources

News articles and interactive features about science, economics, arts, sports and more.

National Geographic Daily News
Get a global perspective. Read and view video about the latest events on planet Earth.

Do you want to know about the Higgs particle? This is an awesome website for all things science!

Washington, D.C.'s interactive news museum online.
View past and present news. See front pages from around the world!

The online version of the classic student newspaper. This site offers current events in an easy to read format.

George Lucas Foundation's site for technology in education. See what your teacher is reading!