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Graphic Novel Project

This project is a historical fiction or non-fiction digital storytelling project. There are many parts to this project, and multiple iterations are necessary. Hang in there kids! We'll all figure it out together.

As of 2/28
Google Drive Documents:
Graphic Novel Citations - YourName 
Chapter Notes - YourName - Ch#

Computer Documents
Desktop Folder Labeled Graphic Novel - YourName
Comic Life Document Labeled Graphic Novel - YourName

Research Tasks
You have also looked for images and information on the following sites:
Discovery Education
Library of Congress
National Archives
Digital Public Library of America

Download at least 10 .jpg images to your desktop folder. Cite your sources for each image. 


Due 2/28: 
Re-read your Hakim chapter. Complete Paragraph Summaries in your Chapter Notes document. Look for names, geographical locations, and the underlying story including the conflict and resolutions that the people experienced.

Due 3/6/14
Create your VPS - Visual Portrait of a Story
Use the VPS Graphic Organizer to create a story map.

Revisit National Archive Resources

Create a rough draft of your story before you begin your graphic novel work. 

Work on your story board.

Begin work sessions by opening your citations page on Google Apps.