09/19 - 09/23

posted Sep 24, 2011, 9:10 AM by Dallas Price   [ updated Sep 24, 2011, 9:28 AM ]
Monday 09/19
Word Study 4: Grammar focus - prepositions.
Due: KIM Sheet with 8 words; preposition practice worksheet; Fill-in-the-Blank Pre-Test Page
*Students had time to complete and correct most of their word study today.

Tuesday 09/20
RCCP/Mediator Training Day 1: We have 5 students participating as new Mediators and 2 former mediators coaching!
Science: Students completed their "Land in the Landfill" activity and observed how water, and any toxins, can move underground - and into their model well. RCCP Mediators came back just in time to see the lesson and participate.

Wednesday 09/21
RCCP/Mediator Training Day 2
Word Study 4: Bring to class: Completed KIM, Grammar Practice Worksheet, and Pre-Test sentences due. We do peer-revising on Wednesday and I look at work to make sure students understand it (before the final draft is due on Friday.)

Science: Students not attending the RCCP Mediator training completed an ITSI-SU online module about water. We began testing our temperature probe for this program.

Thursday 09/22

RCCP/Mediator Training Day 3
Class Organizing & Clean Up. Stream tables put away, computers and class library moved. New desk arrangements completed.

Friday 09/23
Word Study 4: Turn in final draft KIM, Grammar Practice Worksheet, and Pre-Test Sentences. Students use their KIM, Grammar, and Pre-Test sentences to during partner spelling tests. This is also a final opportunitiy for a peer to review the KIM sentences before they are turned in for grading.

Also today:
Begin ROPEs project design. Students will be designing their ROPEs projects in class and seeking approval from families.
RCCP Mediator Completion Ceremony