09/26 - 09/30

posted Sep 24, 2011, 9:28 AM by Dallas Price   [ updated Sep 26, 2011, 5:42 PM ]
This Week: Word Study 5, Complete ROPEs Project Design Sheets - at school.

Monday 09/26

Word Study 5: Grammar focus - Identifying the Subject and Predicate in a Sentence Diagram
Pre-Test of High Frequency words (this is an added spelling list for all students).
KIM Sheet with 8 words
Sentence Diagram Subject/Predicate worksheet
Fill-in-the-Blank Pre-Test Page
*Students will have to complete and correct most of their word study today.
What to study: Any missed high frequency spelling words, WS5 spelling words, vocabulary words

Reading/Social Studies: Time For Kids & Handouts - due by Friday morning - turn in any time.

Tuesday 09/27
ROPEs Project Design Lessons

Wednesday 09/28
Book Club Title Due!
Word Study 5: Bring to class
Completed KIM sheet with sentences showing the simple subject and predicate.
Grammar Practice Worksheet
Pre-Test sentences due. We do peer-revising on Wednesday and I look at work to make sure students understand it (before the final draft is due on Friday.)

Thursday 09/29

ROPEs Project Design Lessons

Friday 09/30
Due: TFK/Reading & Social Studies
Due: Word Study 5:
Turn in final draft KIM, Grammar Practice Worksheet, and Pre-Test Sentences for grading.
High Frequency Word Test - Given by teacher to whole class
WS 5 KIM words spelling test - given by partners
Quick Match Vocabulary Test - Taken individually