posted Oct 1, 2011, 11:39 AM by Dallas Price   [ updated Oct 2, 2011, 7:45 PM ]
Monday 10/03
Due: Book Club Book to Class; ROPEs Proposal/Parent Permission and all attached paperwork.
Due: Readers Pack for September

New Assignments (Homework if not completed in class on Monday and Tuesday):
Word Study 6: KIM sheets, Pre-Test Sentences
Grammar: Verbs and Sentence Diagrams - Due Wednesday if not finished in class.
Spelling: Study any words missed on the high frequency word test (this is new) & words on the KIM sheet.
Book Club - History Connection Graphic Organizer (if not complete in Class), Rough Draft of Letter due Thursday
Time for Kids: Reading & Social Studies assignment - due by Friday

Tuesday 10/04
In Class(PM): Poster Design Lesson (continued) for ROPEs Posters

Wednesday 10/05
Due: All items for Word Study 6

Thursday 10/06
Due: Book Club 2 Rough Draft Letter (Final Draft will be in Cursive again).
In Class (AM): Computer based poster design. 

Friday 10/07
Due: All WS6 papers, WS6 Tests today included High Frequency spelling words (whole class), KIM words, and Vocabulary Quick Match.
Due: (Optional) Artworks items for Ms. Hammond
Due: Time for Kids
In Class (PM): Science of Energy - We'll begin our Science of Energy unit this afternoon.