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Mrs. Price's Science Class 2012-2013

3rd & 4th Quarter: Science Fair Participation: Build a Simple Model that represents or explains a scientific concept. Write about your model, and participate in the Science Fair.


Arvind Gupta Toys -
This site uses recycled materials to make “toys” that model science concepts. Chemistry -
Many simple ideas with instructions for “toys” that model science concepts.

Science Toys
Build at home models of working radios and other electronics.



4th Quarter: Astronomy/No Away

March 21 Science Fair

Daily Science Topics

Big Idea 3: Weather

Past Dates:
The sixth grade science curriculum focuses on structure. During our investigations, we will look at the structure of bridges and buildings, the structure of our solar system and universe, and the structure of the Earth and how our community manages waste. In addition to our structure, astronomy, and waste management units, we will begin our year by studying streams in partnership with the Anchorage Waterways Council.  
1st Quarter: Scientific Method & Process Skills, Streams & Waste Management (ASD "No Away" curriculum)
2nd Quarter: Structures