Documentaries: Motivating the Tech Generation to Research and Write
Students learn digital citizenship, media literacy, web-safety, precise writing, visual literacy, and teamwork by being challenged to create their own documentaries. Students learn and apply the National Educational Technology Standards [NETS] in a meaningful way. 
Collaborative Tools

Google Docs: Collaborative script writing on Docs, gather information using Forms, keep your budget in the Spreadsheet, and much more.

Diigo: Collaborative bookmarking, highlighting and note taking on the Web. 

Easy Bib: Log in using Google Docs account and save your citations alphabetically.

Noodle Tools: Create a works cited list online. Try the MLA Starter for younger students.
Research & Media Selection

Statewide Library Electronic Database: Subscription based service for Alaskan residents.  

Project Gutenberg: Public domain books and literature.

Film Festivals & Student Work

Digital Storytelling

Atomic Learning: Subscription based tutorials for Mac & PC software and online applications. Digital storytelling tutorial is comprehensive.

Jason Ohler: Comprehensive information and strategies for digital storytelling and digital citizenship.