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Class Supplies

Dear Families,
Welcome to the 8th Grade Language Arts Supply List for Mrs. Price. In class, we will be using school supplied texts and novels. Students will be required to complete individual and collaborative technology-based assignments as part of the requirements for Common Core State Standards, so planning for technology access is the most important "supply" for 8th grade language arts.  

For 8th Grade Language Arts:
  • Internet access and computer/personal device access. Please help students make arrangements to complete online assignments. When school begins, I will be available to help students find resources as needed.
  • Small Post It Notes in a light color for marking texts.
  • Personal books for self-selected reading. Students will be choosing these as the year continues. 
Generic Middle School Supply List- Please check with your school, requirements may vary by site)

For each day in all classes
· Student Daily Planner - provided by the school
· Binder - 2" three ring binder - usually need two
· Dividers - two sets for the binder
· Pencil Pouch - with three holes to fit in Binder
· Paper - white notebook college-ruled, with three holes to fit in binder. No spiral notebooks
· Pens - Blue or Black- should have at least two at all times **Please choose blue if possible!
· Pencils #2 - should have at least two at all times
· Colored Pencils - set of eight
· Highlighter Marker
· Compass
· Protractor
· Ruler - 6" both English and Metric 
· Scissors
· Glue stick

T-shirt - white with name on clothing unless the school has designated a school T-shirt for PE classes
Shorts with elastic waist or drawstring (no zippers or buttons)
Gray or white athletic socks
Athletic shoes (white without black bottoms which will NOT mark up the gym floor. Separate from normal day shoes)
Sweats for outdoor activities

World Atlas and/or globe (World Almanac would also be helpful)